Urgent Care: The Right Evaluation At The Right Time


Despite, or perhaps because of, healthcare reform, a persistent and worsening problem in healthcare has been increased wait times for seeing your doctor.  It is also a major reason why Dr. Glen finally opened a private practice: patients were commonly dissatisfied with the wait time until an available appointment.  Or, they declined to make an appointment at all because the long wait was inappropriate for their needs.  Longer wait times are generally related to the influx of patients into a system with too-few doctors.

Unfortunately, the patients who can benefit most from neuropsychological assessment are those who require timely examination: for instance a pre-or post-surgical evaluation, clearance for return to work, assessment of neurobehavioral challenges, or diagnosis of a rapidly progressive or complex condition.  These patients and their families have been discouraged by the experience of calling around to doctors in hopes that someone accepts their insurance and can see them quickly.  When you are distressed enough to make the phone call for neuropsychological evaluation, it is deeply demoralizing and infuriating to be told you must wait 3-6 months for an appointment.  And it’s not like neuropsychologists can do what medical doctors do and open an Urgent Care Clinic……or can they?

Dr. Glen designed Neuropsychology, Inc. to resemble the Urgent Care Clinic model: accessible to most, and structured to enable immediate appointments, sometimes even same-day upon request.  The clinic model is designed to be nimble and flexible enough to offer critical evaluation on demand, based on the patient’s needs, not the demands of an insurance company or large health system.

Immediate care, with acumen, expertise and integrity.  That is the model of Neuropsychology, Inc.






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