Diagnostic Evaluation


There is a new way.  Clinical neuropsychology is now at your fingertips.

Neuropsychological evaluation consists of thorough interview, record review, and paper-and-pencil testing designed to measure brain functioning as it relates to learning, memory, language, perception, behavior, emotions, and other cognitive abilities.

Neuropsychological evaluation is often recommended for persons with dementia, Mild Cognitive Impairment, traumatic brain injury, stroke, Parkinson’s Disease, epilepsy, Multiple Sclerosis, and any number of other neurologic conditions. Dr. Glen also specializes in child neuropsychology and evaluation in pediatric neurological diagnoses, and performs intellectual/academic testing or “IQ” testing required by schools for admission and/or special education needs. Another common referral is for pre-surgical pain evaluations.  The goal is not only to provide input to your neurologist or medical doctor, but to serve you and your family by providing education about your diagnosis and treatment, and answering any questions you may have, at your convenience.

Dr. Glen uses a direct pay model of service, so the relationship between you and your doctor is just that: between you and your doctor.  The model of service ensures immediate access to appointments, immediate feedback and recommendations, and same-day communication with your referring doctor for continuity of care.  Diagnostic interview and examination can normally be completed in a couple of hours.  Should there be any need for more detailed testing, this will be discussed with you before testing begins.

The direct pay model of care allows for superior evaluation at a surprisingly accessible rate.  In fact, when your typical out of pocket costs for co-insurance, co-pays and high deductibles are taken into account, the direct pay cost of examination is extremely competitive, and often far less than what you’d pay in other clinics: $250-$500, total.   This is a revolutionary model that addresses changes in health insurance: like many medical services, neuropsychological evaluation is often not covered, or covered at a minimal rate, leaving you with huge out of pocket costs.  Learning disorder and ADHD evaluations, for example, are typically NOT covered by insurance at all!   Those who have coverage will find wait times unacceptable, and be dismayed by the complex authorization process and depersonalized care of a large institution.   In the direct pay model, there are no hidden fees or unexpected bills.   There is no contract with an insurer that dictates the rate you are charged, which can cost you money if you are paying out of pocket due to a high deductible.  The process is simple, transparent, and responsive to your needs.

Most importantly, you have the benefit of the most expert evaluation, rapid access, and immediate feedback and communication with your doctor: a superior level of expertise you expect from a major academic institution, with the ease of an urgent-care center.

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