For Doctors

Dr. Glen’s neuropsychology clinic is a highly-specialized consult service designed to inform diagnostic and treatment decision-making for your most challenging and complex patients who need immediate attention, as well as those who have communicated a desire for more information on their conditions.   As a doctor, you may use clinical neuropsychology to assess brain functioning either prior to or complementary to neuroimaging, to:

Differentiate aMCI/AD and other types of dementia such as VaD, PDD, DLB, FTD and others

Determine whether there are mental health or behavioral factors contributing to your patient’s presentation

Document cognitive status pre- and post- surgery

Document changes over time or response to treatment

Provide family education, caregiver assistance and behavior modification plans

Most frequently, neuropsychologists receive referrals from neurologists, neurosurgeons, primary care physicians, or psychiatrists, but any doctor can make a referral to Dr. Glen.

The process is simple.  Contact the office by phone or email and arrangements will be made to obtain medical records and schedule the appointment as quickly as possible.  Records can be securely faxed.  In urgent cases, schedule permitting, a patient may even be seen the same or following day, if need be.  You will receive a phone call the same day with a verbal report of the findings, followed immediately by a written one sent directly to your office.  The direct pay model is appropriate for persons of all income levels, as the cost of evaluation is comparable to the costs your patients currently incur with co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles, without the frustration and delay.  Also, as a doctor, you are not financially penalized for making a referral in the best interest of your patient.

It’s that simple.  Neuropsychology made easy.

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