For Doctors: The Best for You and Your Patients


This is a post especially for doctors who refer to neuropsychologists.  I recently sent out a flyer detailing this new way for your patients to access neuropsychology services, and below is a summary.

At Neuropsychology, Inc., the clinic model is value-based, not volume-based, making it the superior option for your patients who are not satisfied with their current options for consultation in Florida.  For instance, new narrow networks create backlogs and long wait times for appointments in traditional clinic models.  And decreasing reimbursement means volume is required to maintain revenue– that means less time with each patient, or overly-long evaluations that add cost without adding value.

Neuropsychology, Inc. is ideally suited to the modern healthcare environment, offering flexible, time-sensitive, empirically-based care with clinical acumen, expertise, and sensitivity.  At Neuropsychology, Inc., a board-certified neuropsychologist greets you in person in an appointment made to fit your schedule.  Emergency and urgent appointments are welcome.   Child, adult and geriatric neuropsychological evaluation is provided.  Neuropsychology, Inc. serves the North Florida region but out-of-town services are optional.

Results and feedback are provided immediately, and the referring doctor receives a report the following day.  No costly staff time is spent on authorizations, and there is no frustration with narrow networks.  There will never be a delayed denial of your patient’s claim, which can result in unexpected high bills.   This service is accessible for patients without insurance and even for those with insurance who are simply not satisfied with the options in their plans.  The fees are comparable to what your patients would pay in co-insurance and out of network fees, and claims can be submitted for out of network reimbursement or tax credit.

The clinic is located in lovely historic Riverside, with easy disabled-access entry and ample free, flat parking.

This is a clinic founded on the traditional scientist-practitioner model, and tailored to modern healthcare and customer satisfaction.


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