Consulting Expert Services for Attorneys

Dr. Glen provides consulting services as a non-testifying expert for both Plaintiffs’ and Defense attorneys.  Information from a neuropsychologist is often even more valuable than having a testifying expert witness or IME.

The expense of a consulting expert pales in comparison to the value added by early review and intensive analysis of records.


Consulting services are recommended when:

Opposing counsel has a neurology or psychology expert

Examination has already been performed that is favorable for your case and no new examination is needed

You want early identification of potential strengths and challenges

Trial is set and there is no chance for continuation

There is need to resolve cases with clear liability.

Dr. Glen also assists in communicating complex neurologic topics for jurors and education for counsel on psychological and neuropsychological topics.  In addition, Dr. Glen can proactively identify likely tactics and responses, and assist in preparation for deposition and trial, demonstrative evidence development, and jury selection.

Proactive case evaluation and development can help you prepare and respond more easily, allowing you to devote energy, time and valuable staff resources to your case. Critically, Dr. Glen, who has an ASPPB Interjurisdictional Practice Certificate, provides mobile, rapid-response consultation, creating a competitive advantage for you and your team.



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