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Dr. Glen is located in the historic Riverside-Avondale neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, As part of this unique mobile consultation service, Dr. Glen comes to your office, as needed, for the greatest convenience. Just call or email for more information, or to make an appointment.





Strategic Record Review

Overview of major strengths and potential challenges

Advance Prep for Challenges

Help with identifying and preparing for likely challenges

Preparation for Deposition

Extensive written and face-to-face preparation for depositions

Trial approaching? No problem. Urgent services available.

Sometimes continuation is not an option and you must be prepared.  No problem.

Tiered Pricing for Phase of Litigation

With tailored services, you pay for what you need, and no more.

Exhibit Preparation

Images and graphs can help educate the trier of fact.

Identify Jury Selection Issues

Careful analysis of potential opportunities and challenges

Literature Review

Identification of the most critical, strongly-supported scientific and clinical literature relevant to your case

Data Review

The ability to review and summarize protected data you need to prepare a case

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I might hire a testifying expert, so why would I need a consultant?

A: Aggressive tactics directed at restricting, excluding or limiting testifying experts are common in litigation, and often make it exceedingly time-consuming and expensive for attorneys to proceed with direct examination, and even discourage testifying experts from taking or continuing with your case.

Fortunately, there are many ways to introduce your message and evidence into the record and courtroom, and only rarely does this require a direct examination and testimony from an identified expert neuropsychologist.  Dr. Glen helps you maximize the impact of depositions and cross-examination, defend challenges to your witnesses and positions, and elicit the information you need to prepare your case.

Q: Why would I need to hire an expert before a case even goes to mediation?

A: Information that a consulting expert provides before you go into mediation can help you fully appreciate and address the strengths and challenges of your case, and can result in significant changes to claims or offers.   This early identification of major issues is strategic, and helps you move forward while saving you time and effort.  And too often I've been retained in a case long after depositions are complete, resulting in missed opportunities.

Q: What if the case settles at mediation and nothing further is needed?

A: Neuropsychology, Inc. consulting has tiered pricing based on phase of litigation: pre-mediation, deposition preparation, and trial.  You pay for only the services you need, unless you choose a full-service consultation package.

Q:  I already have a testifying expert.  Why would I ask my client to pay for consulting services?

A: First and foremost, opposing counsel will likely have their own consultant! And even if not, hiring one of your own provides you with a courtroom advantage.

Also, your testifying expert is, first and foremost, a clinician, and may not have the time, expertise or experience to provide the intensive consultation and preparation necessary in complex cases.

More importantly, he or she provides an objective opinion and does not blend the roles of advocate and unbiased examiner, while a non-testifying expert can predict and assist in developing strategic and tactical movements in the case.

Finally, the cost of a consulting expert pales in comparison to the costs of potential losses, unexpected maneuvers, and staff time.

Q:  How do I know when to hire a consulting expert?

A: Non-testifying consulting can be as minimal or extensive as your needs dictate.  But in general, you should hire a non-testifying consultant whenever there is a major settlement demand.

A neuropsychological consultant is strongly recommended every time there is a neuropsychological/neurological claim related to brain damage, and in cases with psychiatric/psychological claims.

A consulting expert is a superb option when there are fractious and expensive efforts to exclude or limit potential testifying experts; this often presents an opportunity to introduce your evidence in novel and less predictable ways, giving you a courtroom advantage.

Often depositions are begun even before direct examination, and hiring a consultant for preparation for your depositions helps you maximize the impact of those opportunities.

Consulting is also desirable when neuropsychological evaluation has already been performed that is favorable to your case, when limitations have precluded your ability to have your own examination performed, and when there is simply no time for direct examination or testifying expert disclosure.

Case #1

Male plaintiff suing for permanent neurologic dysfunction following medication error.  Records appeared to reflect coma and major neurologic sequelae such as ataxia and neurogenic pain.  Consultation revealed clear evidence of minimal severity of reaction, non-anatomic nature of symptom pattern and invalidity of prior examinations.  Deposition preparation helped elicit these details from treating doctors and opposing expert.

Case #2

Young woman sustained concussion in wreck but fully recovered. Direct examination not possible.  Consultation revealed pre-existing conditions and traced course of new symptoms to stressor after the wreck, unrelated to instant event. Consult also revealed problematic, empirically unsupported treatments that likely worsened symptoms. Preparation for depositions of treating doctors and experts designed to elicit these details.

Case #3

Young female plaintiff sustained cervical injury in wreck.  Pre-mediation consultation highlighted significance of moderate brain injury with long-term sequelae, resulting in amended complaint.

Case #4

Female sustained reported severe traumatic brain injury in wreck with full disability. Pre-mediation consultation revealed the injury was instead  one of complicated-mild severity with minimal sequelae.  Review revealed major causal stressor weeks before instant event, and identified major weaknesses of treating doctor opinions.

Case #5

Consultation for deposition preparation successfully targeted empirical basis for life care plan exceeding $5,000,000 in case without objective documented injury, resulting in major concessions.
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